Front Porch Concert series embraces new talent and moves indoors

Front Porch Concert series embraces new talent and moves indoors

The Front Porch Concerts created by Thetford resident and free-form jazz master Bill Cole enjoyed a good run this summer. Audience numbers swelled, exceeding expectations for this non-traditional, non-mainstream, tiny venue. Local and Vermont musicians were joined by talent from afar.

Now, at the closure of the outdoor performance season, there’s a new kid on the block. Bill is soon to perform with a new talent, double bass player Mali Obomsawin. In keeping with the jazz heritage of the improvisation veterans on the Front Porch this summer, Mali studied jazz performance at Berklee College of Music and Dartmouth College. But she also has distinct roots as a citizen of the W8banaki (Abenaki) Nation at Odanak in Quebec, Canada. In addition to performing on the double bass with her trio Lula Wiles, she is a singer and songwriter. Her many musical achievements complement her writings and work as an organizer for the land rights of indigenous peoples.

Mali Obomsawin and Bill Cole will perform an hour-long, improvisational duet. Mali’s double bass will resonate alongside the deep sound of Bill’s didgeridoo.  This unique combination may well be the first ever performed for these instruments that hark from disparate cultures at opposite ends of the globe. It’s this breaking of conventions and barriers that makes the Front Porch Series (and now its indoor offspring) so exciting and provocative.

The effect will no doubt be stunning.

This indoor concert will be held at Seven Stars Art Center, 5126 VT Rte 14,  Sharon, VT. Tickets are $15 and seating is limited to 40. Masks and proof of COVID-19 vaccination with photo ID are required.

Photo credit: Li Shen